Product Testimonials

SkyTrak with TGC
I played Augusta yesterday and absolutely loved it everything about the experience.
I hit my first drive 260 down the pipe and it went great from there. Hit a 297 yard drive on 10 (caught the downhill speed slope), then nailed a 5 iron 204 yards downhill for 3 feet for a gimme. Shot 94 overall from the tips.
Every club is bang on yardage wise – its unreal. My 60 degree goes 90 yards. My 52 degree goes 115- 120. My 8 iron goes 160, my 5 iron 190-195. It is so much fun to be able to replicate outdoor conditions indoors.
I bought a high speed gaming laptop and wire it in to the skytrak. Lag is less than 3 seconds, wireless is around 8 for some reason. I have a sonos playbar wired into the laptop as well so the sound is awesome, even the on-course announcer and the birds chirping in the woods.
TGC really completed my sim experience. I am so pleased. 🙂

Foresight Sports:
Dude, the GC2 simulator is awesome.

Foresight Sports:
Simulator is working great, really logging some long hours on it.

I must say that with just the mat and one camera connected, I am extremely impressed with the accuracy. I have an issue with my swing now where I am drawing my irons 30 yards to the left with an occassional block to the right (when I try to correct it) and the system is reflecting this perfectly.

So far I’m very impressed with my golf simulator. I have spent numerous hours on the simulator now and I already feel like I am getting better with my ball contact consistency which makes me feel like this is a great training tool. So overall I am very pleased, and I can’t say enough about the great support from trugolf.

Guinness longest drive world record holder Mike Dobbyn on the P3ProSwing